Grid-It Organizer

Best Travel Gift for Anyone that Travels with Lots of Gadgets

Why people love it
  • An organizing must
  • Quality product
  • Keeps cords together when traveling

It can be a slightly bulkier option compared to zipper pockets, but enables long cords to stay put.


What’s excellent about this organizer is that it can take devices and wires of just about any size. And, you can tailor it the way you want. That means you can put your iPod cable and headphones next to the iPod itself rather than tucking them into different areas of your bag. And, you don’t need to fuss with zippers and other closures to make it easier than ever to get to your stuff.

If you’re looking for a more traditional cord and gadget organizer, this one is excellent. And then, there are these packing cubes which can make any suitcase a lot easier to deal with.

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