Why people love it
  • Generally fits true to size
  • Soft, smooth fabric
  • Flattering, feminine design

Some busty women complain that it’s difficult to remove these Grey’s Anatomy scrub tops after a day of work. You can prevent this potential issue by ordering a size up, even though most women order their usual sizes.


Fit: Medical workers rave about the flattering fit of this Grey’s Anatomy scrub top. It’s not boxy or baggy, but it’s also not inappropriately tight. We damn near spit water all over our screen when one nurse explained that these scrubs are awesome because they flatter your figure without encouraging "weirdos with nurse fetishes" to stare at your chest.

Make sure you order up a size if you plan to layer long-sleeved tees under this snug-fitting top.

Features: This comfy scrub top comes with 2 spacious pockets, plus a narrow pen pocket - which we love. It makes it a cinch to grab our pen without rummaging through a pocket full of bandages and pill pockets. Adjustable tabs on the back let you customize your fit without messing with drawstrings or velcro.

Maintenance: Toss this polyester-rayon top in the washing machine with no worries. Wearers say that the scrub top effectively withstands frequent washes, and it won’t shrink in the dryer if you use a low-heat setting.

Price: Expect to spend between $25 and $30, give or take a few bucks, for these cute scrub tops. Nurses report that these scrubs last a long time, so the price is definitely reasonable.

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