Grey Cashmere Bow Tie

Best Diamond Point Bow Tie

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Why People Love it

  • Elegant design
  • Customizable 
  • Goes with so many outfits


Fabric: The bow tie is made from luxurious cashmere that feels so soft. The mauve and white pinstripe pattern compliments the grey fabric perfectly and will compliment nearly any color shirt you pair it with. 

Shape: This bow tie is a unique diamond point shape. It has a slightly cheeky look that goes great with an outgoing personality. If you like symmetry and uniformity, you may not like this bow tie as much as the butterfly, but it is a great alternative to shake up your bow tie selection. You can dress it up or down if you please. It may just become your go-to bow tie. 

Type: You can get this bow tie in either self-tie or pre-tied options. 

This is a lovely designed bow tie, with a huge attention to detail. 

A little pricey, but essential for any bow tie enthusiasts collection. 

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