Not everyone has a lot of room for plants - or the ability to install permanent fixtures into rented apartments. This stylist planter understands all these woes and more.

  • The ONLY planter that fits securely on ALL railing shapes
  • Self-mounting - no screws, brackets or other hardware necessary
  • No-drip drainage system recycles water

The adjustable planter fits 2” to 4” rails and is made of strong, durable, heavy-duty plastic. Also contains UV protection, limiting sun and water damage and ensuring its colors will last for years. Also includes built-in draining solutions which are removable, cleanable & replaceable trays.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Very nice planters. Well made, attractive. They look beautiful on the balcony railing. I believe that they should last for a while. They attach very securely to a railing and will not fall. I tested mine when we had 50 mile / hour winds. All planters were very securely attached to the railing even though some still did not have soil in them. If you live in condominium just make sure you have an intelligent , open minded board of managers that will see the beauty, safe design and functionality of Greenbo planters and will allow you to use them on the railing of your balcony. My board of managers are close minded, one track minded idiots " and even after I provided the safety info about the product they forbid me from using those planters on the railing because they are overlapping on the outside of the balcony railing. Those are beautiful, safely designed, modern planters that will present your plants Beautifully on both the inside and outside of your balcony. Highly recommend😀 Greenbo takes rail planters to the next level. Thumbs up
  • These great looking planters went on the railings of my second floor balcony. The top of the rails are not flat so the planters have a gap between rail and bottom of planter. However, they are made to fit a few different sizes and they sit pretty well on ours despite the small gap. We keep them snugly attached with strong zip ties that in no way will a strong wind knock them down. the planters are filled with flowers and trailing Vincas. We are constantly getting compliments on how pretty they look when the neighbors pass by. FYI, they come in a set of two. Mine are white and match perfectly with our white vinyl railings. My only recommendation is that it would be even more perfect if the manufacturer would pre-drill the holes for inserting the zip ties. Because of their design, it was somewhat difficult to drill the holes. Otherwise we just love these planters and are very satisfied with the purchase and fast delivery. Thanks Greenbo!
  • Love 'me, can't get enough of the. Expensive e, but worth it.

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