Why people love it
  • Rich, full flavor to the last sip
  • Organic product you can feel good about
  • Bold and dark yet smooth

You’ll have a difficult time finding negative reviews of this product – unless you don’t like Sumatran coffee, dark roasts, or have a thing against K-cups in general.


This may be the K-cup that will convert even the most snobbish of anti-Keurig people out there. Dark chocolate flavors are richly interwoven with a sort of earthy undertones. It’s balanced and smooth... and as robust as you could want from any rich, dark roast. There’s a slightly dry finish to this coffee, but not bitter like you might expect.

Along with the exceptional flavor comes an enticing aroma. Perhaps that’s the natural bean oils that make this drinkable without any sugar or milk (for those that must add those to their coffee). When compared against every other K-cup, this one comes out on top time and time again. Perhaps it’s not for those that can make it through a day with weak (fake) coffee, but there is simply no contender against Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve for the top fave in this list.

  • Flavor: Get ready to be blown away. This has everything you’ve ever wanted in a coffee taste. And yet, there’s no bitter aftertaste.
  • Body: Wow and double wow! This is bold and exquisite and as balanced as you’ll ever find at this end of the spectrum.
  • Aroma: What a bonus that this coffee comes with such a heavenly aroma.
  • Price: Each K-cup costs barely more than 60 cents. Considering the overpowering compliments this coffee receives every time someone tries it, you can’t fault the price terribly.

Bottom Line: If you’re a coffee lover, like you need to have it all the time and it had better be good when you do, this is the K-cup you must try. Everyone that gives it a go is a convert; it’s almost impossible not to be, especially when each of the elements combines so perfectly and the price isn’t enough to justify passing it by.

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