Best Kenyan K-Cup

Green Mountain Kenyan AA K-Cups (24 count x 4 Pack)
  • Bold coffee flavor
  • Smooth enough for medium coffee drinkers
  • Great coffee smell
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If it surprises you in any way that the Green Mountain Kenyan AA coffee is one of our top faves, then we urge you to stick with whatever it is you drink already. This is a winner, hands down. And you need to get some now.

Tastes bitter to those who are not crazy about strong coffee.


This coffee is loved by reviewers. It’s loved by regular coffee drinkers. And, it’s loved so much by Amazon shoppers that you need to be quick about it. It’s a full-bodied, complex brew that doesn’t lose steam half way through the cup. It’s smooth, yet acidic and an all around dark-roast, single-brew miracle. If you’ve not tried it… well, no, we’re too nice to say what we’re really thinking.

This coffee shines in a few areas. For a start, it’s strong, but not overpowering. People that prefer a medium roast can still enjoy this (and it will likely become their special weekend treat). And if you like a really full-bodied brew, you’ll enjoy this anytime during the day. It’s also surprisingly smooth, which is what you should expect from coffee grown at high altitudes, but it’s still somewhat startling.

  • Flavor: Incredible. This is a winner for anyone that really wants to taste their coffee fall head over heels with every sip.
  • Body: Everything you want, and nothing you don’t. Still, you might expect a little more from this brew.
  • Aroma: Yes please! Close your eyes and you’ll be transported.
  • Price: Falling somewhere in the 60 cents range is what pushes this dark roast over the Barista range which is way more expensive.

Bottom Line: For years, this has been a favorite coffee for anyone that really enjoys their coffee. It’s also great for those that need a special strong blend, but can’t drink it like that all the time. It’s an absolute winner, even though it’s not as dark as a dark could be.


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