Why people love it
  • Hearty, medium roast
  • Solid flavor and taste
  • Bold flavor considering the roast

If you're looking for very strong coffee, Nantucket Blend might be a bit too mild for you.  


The full and hearty taste of Nantucket Blend is anything but ordinary. Nantucket Blend is composed of coffees from three continents to create an out of this world blend of regional flavors. The variety of roasts includes berry flavors from African beans, a full body flavor from Indonesian beans, and subtle French Roast smokiness. This blend represents a spectacular tapestry of flavors, carefully woven together.

The best part? This coffee is made with 100% Arabica coffee.

Be aware that the Green Mountain Nantucket Blend is nowhere near as powerful as their Kenyan AA release. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not good. In fact, this medium roast is so good that it almost doesn’t taste like a blend. Now, that’s something.

  • Flavor: We have to give this coffee big points for the way the beans have been blended together. It’s truly an impeccable blend.
  • Body: You’ll find that this is almost as full-bodied as a blend can be while still holding onto its medium roast status.
  • Aroma: It’s a blend, so maybe we shouldn’t expect strong coffee smells to waft through the air. But, what you can smell is enticing.
  • Price: Each K-cup will set you back just over 50 cents, making this an incredibly reasonable daily cup.

Bottom Line: You could drink this just about any time of the day, and it’s solid as a first cup of coffee – as long as you don’t need a sudden jolt to get you going.

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