Graphic Skinz Design Studio Girl

Best Gift for Girls Who Get Bored With Toys Quickly

Why people love it
  • Fun indoor activity
  • Transforms plastic toys and stuffed animals into colorful creations
  • Easy to use

The vibrant colors and cute patterns delight young girls. Includes 3 small toys for kiddos to decorate.

Some parents complain the product is cheaply made, but kids love it anyway.


Why she’s gotta have it: Before you make a Goodwill run or call a local children’s charity for pickup, give the Graphic Skinz Design Studio Girl a chance. Your daughter can revamp forgotten trinkets from the bottom of the toy box using the colorful Skinz from this set. They’re easy to apply, and they don’t leave behind a mess like some craft kits do.

Price: It’s only $15 to $20 for a Graphic Skinz Design Studio Girl. That’s about how much you’d spend for a Barbie Doll or other popular girls’ toys.

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