Grace's Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up

Best Graduation Gift that Teaches Practical Life Lessons

Why people love it

  • Quick and entertaining read 
  • Provides helpful and relatable insights on life 
  • Good mix of humor and practical topics 

Do you know who Grace Helbig is? Maybe not, but I bet your recent graduate does and they’d appreciated some practical life advice (and laughs) from this YouTube personality.

Helbig’s voice and personality might not be for everyone. If you’re unsure of whether or not your grad would enjoy this, ask about his or her social media habits. YouTube and Instagram fans will love it.


Happiness Factor: Helbig’s contribution to the printed word is pretty cool because it not only gives your millennial or Gen-Z graduate a reason to keep reading after college, but the book is sure to provide them with insights into adult life they might not otherwise find while scouring social media or watching funny YouTube videos. 

Practical Applications: Big Interview named Grace’s Guide as one of the best inspirational books to give to graduates. Positive reviews around this book also state that it does a good job of covering deeper subject matter, like anxiety, and makes tackling the subject of Life 101 a whole lot easier to digest for the short attention span of millennials. 

Price: It depends on hardcover, paperback, or Kindle, but this is priced no differently than any other book you’d find on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.

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