This is the world's first white hot sauce, but don't be fooled by it's frosty exterior.

  • Ideal for adding to beer
  • Very strange and totally one of a kind
  • Virtually no flavor, but plenty of heat

Nothing is cool here - this is extremely hot! Use it in beverages to add some heat to your cocktail - makes a great "hot" martini or margarita. It has 500,000 scoville units!!! Yeouch!!

What Reviewers Say:

  • Like others have stated, this isn't the hottest sauce you'd use. But I think it's a good option to have in your hot sauce collection. It's a very runny sauce that can come out quickly. But it doesn't have a flavor like other sauces I have. I've used it on many dishes and occasionally prefer this sauce to other options like Dave's Insanity. Surprisingly it can pack a nice little punch so don't let the color fool you.
  • Thoroughly enjoying this. Not the hottest sauce around but definitely has a nice burn. And since it's clear and flavorless, you can add it to anything to give it a bit of heat. Try a splash in beer or a shot of whiskey for a new taste experience. A few drops will definitely perk up any dish nicely.
  • it's cool at first then the heat sneaks up on you. everyone in the family loves this white hot sauce.

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