The new GoPro Hero4 camera can do 4K video and 2.7K video giving you the ability to film at the highest quality. 


The Hero4 Black has a 2x more powerful processor that gives you 2x faster video frames. This GoPro now allows you to have manual control of color, ISO limit, exposure and more thanks to the new Protune. The Hero4 is now waterproof up to 131' and can take 12MP photos. The camera now sports a way to capture stills in low light situations with the ability to get exposures of up to 30 seconds singles and time lapse photos. 

If you want to make your own highlight reel for later you can now tag these clips of your adventure for quick access later by simply pressing the dedicated button. The audio has also gotten some love by including an advanced microphone that can capture nearly 2x the dynamic range and ensuring you have the best possible audio. 

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