You love this product and you've only just heard about it. GoodFloss is a biodegradable floss that you can carry in your wallet. And, it's got a toothpick - you know, just in case. Why do we love this? It's obvious, isn't it? Ladies always have a purse to stuff a roll of floss in. The gents? Not so much. But, this baby fits in your wallet; it's about the size of a credit card. See the potential? We do.


The Goodwell Company has plenty of oral hygiene products and we love that. But we're falling for GoodFloss because it's something men need. Think about that date when you really wanted to get the steak out of your teeth and had nothing on hand. You couldn't really ask for hers (plus anything at the bottom of a lady's purse is filled rather unsanitary - trust us).  This product comes in a detachable group of 4 to fit into the card slot of your wallet. They're good for the environment, they're good for your teeth and they're good for your love life - we're sure of it. (Oh, and don't rule out the need before that meeting where you ate a hamburger en route. They can, however, do nothing if you spill on yourself.)


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