This is one cool smart garage door opener.  And, if you want it, we just don't blame you.  

  • Remote alerts
  • Video monitoring
  • Remote access

The Gogogate 2 does what you expect it to do. It has a name that makes you giggle a little (just like Google did the first time you heard it).  It allows you to open and close your garage doors remotely, to see when they're closed from anywhere in the world, and it gives you video monitoring.  What we love about this smart garage door opener is the ability to pass access to visitors when needed (Airbnb spots should love that), that it can also be installed on outdoor and driveway gates, and that it will still work even if the internet has gone down.  Those are pretty hefty benefits when you line smart openers side by side, don't you think?

Hitting the US market on 27 April 2015 (at least, that's the first ship date), this brings a little more of the SmartHome aspect to your garage.  And there are some rather nifty ideas that are operational in v2 of this gadget.

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