Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Gift Set

Best Christmas Gift for Hot Cocoa Drinkers

Why people love it
  • The perfect mixed pack of hot cocoa flavors
  • Rich, delicious, and luxurious flavor assortment
  • Great value for the price

Some users reported the box arrived with cocoa powder scattered around the inside.


Why They'll Love It: Perfectly seasonal, the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Gift Set comes with everything needed to make the ultimate cup of hot cocoa. The gift set comes with five different types of hot chocolate mix packs: dark chocolate, mint chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel cream, and French vanilla. With four packs of each variety, it's enough to keep a smile on their faces all winter long!

Price: At $18 for a 20-pack, you're paying less than $1 per cup. With the wonderful flavors of Swiss Miss, you can't go wrong with this holiday gift for your hot cocoa-loving in-laws.

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