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Best Moisture Wicking Tommy John Underwear

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  • Great underwear, lowest price tag around
  • Excellent fit, maximum comfort
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry

Best moisture-wicking capabilities of the Tommy John underwear, 4-way stretch fabric is super comfortable and designed for all-day performance. This underwear is made to handle whatever workout, run, or exercise you can throw at it!

Sizes run very long—almost like full shorts rather than underwear.


Fit and Comfort: These underwear come with Tommy John’s “No Wedgie Guarantee”. Their design keeps the seams away from your crotch, so there’s never any risk of them riding up, bunching, or getting in your way.

The Stay Put waistband provides excellent grip on your waist to keep the underwear from slipping down or sagging, yet it’s never so tight that it will leave band marks on your skin. The underwear are a bit long in the leg—anyone under 6’ may feel like they’re shorts instead of underwear—but you’ll find they offer excellent comfort thanks to their superior moisture-wicking capability.

Fabric and Durability: The fabric is a blend of 84% polyester and 16% Spandex, which gives you that exercise-friendly moisture-wicking and good elasticity. The fact that the underwear is made using synthetic fabric means there may be a bit of odor, but the underwear solve that problem with an anti-bacterial, anti-odor lining.

The fabric is excellent at pulling moisture away from the body and keeping you cool and dry. You can expect many happy months of hardcore exercise from these bad boys, and they’re built to last!

Price: At $25 per pair, they’re among the best-priced Tommy John offerings. Add in their unique comfort, solid design, and excellent moisture-wicking properties, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

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