If he lives somewhere cold, he'll love the ease of use he has wearing these smartgloves. 

  • Stylish
  • Invisitouch technology
  • Sheepskin leather



Is your boyfriend constantly on his phone, even when it's cold out? Give him a gift that will warm his hands and allow him to use his phone in any weather with glove.ly touchscreen-friendly gloves. While most iPhone-friendly gloves use irritating metallic pads that only work in certain areas, glove.ly gloves use Invisitouch technology that make the gloves feel like regular, comfortable gloves, yet work 'magically' with touchscreens. Plus, he'll never have to worry about losing one glove, as this set comes with magnets hidden beneath the logo to keep the gloves attached when not in use. 

Glove.ly men's gloves have Invisitouch technology inbued in the leather that allows the entire glove to work flawlessly with his touch screen phone. 

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