Why people love it
  • Completely clears acne and blackheads
  • Can be used as an acne spot treatment
  • Pores are visibly smaller

An oil-fighting face mask that refreshes and cleanses acne-prone skin. It will clear and prevent unwanted skin breakouts. Can be used as a full mask or acne spot treatment.

This product dries up really fast, even with the container being closed properly. It also features a fragrance, which many prefer, but not all. And you get a pretty small jar with a high price tag.


Who's it for? This face mask is made for all men and women with all types of skin. But, if you have acne prone skin then you'll definitely want to try this product. 

Texture and fragrance: The consistency of this face mask is somewhat thick compared to others. However, the cream goes on smoothly and spreads easily. Due to the added fragrance and peppermint oil, the Glamglow mud has a refreshing mint smell. 

Ingredients: The Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment works wonders on acne-prone skin. The potent mud formula controls the skin's oil, while a proprietary blend of six acids works to brighten and soften your skin. Activated-X charcoal lifts away dirt and other skin congestions, resulting in clearer skin.

Price: At $69 for a 1.7 ounce jar, this face mask is the most expensive on our list. The good news is, a little bit goes a long way so one jar will last you a while. Although this face mask is rather pricey, it will help clear up your face and reduce the size of your pores. And, that's worth every penny.

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