Why people love it
  • Soft and gentle scent
  • Classy mix of spicy, sweet, and floral aromas
  • Great for both casual and professional environments
  • 100% authentic & lower priced than department stores

The biggest complaint with this cologne is that it doesn't last very long and that the scent doesn't have a far reach. But if you're purchasing this cologne, that shouldn't be your goal. This is a soft, classy scent that gives you just a hint of something extra.


Scent: When you want a mix of spicy, sweet, and floral, but don't want to leave the scent behind long after you've left, Colonia is a great cologne to try. Top notes include spicy pink peppercorn and citrusy mandarin. The middle gives another dash of citrus with orange blossom rounded out with a soft lavender. And it finishes off with a floral heliotrope and rich tonka bean aroma. 

Occasion: Because this is such a gentle scent, you could really wear this anywhere--at home, at work, at play. Take note that it won't last very long, however, so it might not be what you want for more elegant evenings out on the town. 

Price: This is a pretty expensive scent, considering how similar it is to other Armani Code colognes. However, if you enjoy this fresh new scent from Armani, it might be worth the price. 

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