Best Valentine’s Gift for the Series Watcher

Gilmore Girls Seasons 1-7 Box Set
  • Awesome deal
  • She'll love it
  • Perfect set for Gilmore fans

Every episode of seasons 1-7 is included in this 42-disk gift set. That’s 153 episodes plus hours and hours of bonus features.

The design of the box and disc holders aren’t to everyone’s taste.


If she loves the Gilmore Girls, she needs this DVD set. And, you will know if she likes this show because it’s usually not a passing fancy; it’s more of a lifestyle. Seriously. (And stop smirking, you probably watch a few things that make no sense to her either.)

With the release of a new 4-episode season at the end of November, Gilmore Girl mania has recently reached new levels of hysteria. No – those episodes aren’t included in this gift set, but everything filmed during the original production is on here. That’s 153 episodes spread over 7 seasons of pure Stars Hallow bliss. And, it’s so, so much  cheaper to buy the set than each season separately.


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