Gillette Clear Gel Cool Wave

Best Deodorant Brand For Men Overall

Why people love it
  • Highly effective, all-day protection
  • No pit stains or white residue on your clothes
  • Pleasant smell lasts for hours

Offers both a deodorizor and stops sweat with a highly effective odor-neutralizer, pleasant tropical scent

Feels wet on your underarms (as with all gel products)


Performance: This gel-based product works like a charm to keep away odors! Though it's not the most effective antiperspirant around (you will still sweat), it is a HIGHLY effective deodorizer that will prevent bad smells and keep your underarms fresh and clear all day long.

When applied to your armpits, it's moist and cooling. It takes a few minutes to dry, but once it does, it will fight both odors and sweat. Say goodbye to pit stains and white deodorant residue! This clear gel won't leave any marks on your clothing.

Smell: If you're looking for a mild scent, search elsewhere. This is a potent product that is ideal for those who sweat profusely, and who need protection from underarm odors. The tropical scent is fresh, pleasant, and "sporty".

Price: This is probably one of this brand's best features. Not only is it high quality, but it's cost-effective--just over $7 for a two-pack. Considering the long-lasting odor protection, it's the best smelling and most affordable deodorant around!

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