Gigi Hair Removal Lotion

Best Women's Hair Removal Cream for Down There

Why people love it
  • No skin irritation
  • Leaves your skin feeling smooth
  • Easy to use and super effective

It may be a terrific price, but you'll need to pay attention to the packaging. The bottle isn't as resilient as you may like; handle with care. 


There are some things that we absolutely love about this hair removal cream for women. One is, quite obviously, the price. Another is the fact that it is designed for use on the bikini line. The one thing we absolutely detest about it is the smell. You will definitely smell it and you won't like it. That and the packaging are the biggest drawbacks to this product. And we feel it's necessary to warn you that this is applied to dampened rather than dry skin. 

Ingredients: Yep, there are some Thioglycolates in here - a couple of them (though none are Potassium). All in all, though, this hair removal cream for women has a simple ingredient list. On the calming side, you'll find aloe and cucumber. Also Vitamin C, which helps protect and strengthen skin. 

How to use it: Unlike many hair removal products, you're supposed to dampen your skin before applying Gigi. After dampening, apply the cream in a thick layer without rubbing in. Do a spot check after five minutes. If the hair comes off quickly, then remove the rest of the cream with a damp cloth. Whatever you do, get this cream off your skin within eight minutes. 

Who can use it? The manufacturer recommends this for women, but men have also used and reviewed it with positive results. 

Where can you use it? Get ready to use this just about anywhere on your body except your face. Gigi suggests using it on the bikini line, but you should absolutely do a patch test and be careful of using too close to the goods (front and back). Patch test... patch test... patch test...

Scent: Absolutely horrid. If you love the way this hair removal cream works, you'll need to get used to that. 

Will it break the bank? You'll pay around $6 for eight ounces. Yep, that's approximately 75 cents per ounce. That's a steal. 

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