ghd Platinum Professional Performance Styler

Best Professional Hair Straightener

Why people love it
  • One of the best straighteners on the market
  • Rapid heating and straightening; reliable
  • Platinum heating plates can tackle tough, coarse hair with ease

VERY pricey.


Performance: If you care only about quality and price is no object, you MUST own this is the professional-grade hair straightener. It delivers salon-quality hair straightening with the flip of a switch, and is among the top-rated flat irons on the market. Even veteran users have been impressed, claiming it's "by far the best straightener" they have ever owned.

Instead of using ceramic, the heating plates on this flat iron are platinum. The tri-zone heating design ensures a more consistent heating across the plates, creating more efficient straightening power without damaging finer hairs. With a 20-second heating time and heat that reaches up to 365 degrees, it's a highly effective flat iron indeed!

Features: This straightener comes with six built-in sensors (three per plate) to maximize heating consistency across the plates, yet reduces the damage of finer, weaker hairs. The ergonomic, curled edges of the straightener make it easy for you to curl, wave, or straighten without multiple passes.

The wishbone hinge gives you more control over the flat iron; less pressure is required, so you don't need to squeeze as hard. This reduces the risk of pulling, tugging, or burning your hair. The high-gloss finish of the heating plates helps your hair to glide smoothly. The flat iron is designed to cut breakage in half and double color integrity!

Price: At $250, this is the priciest hair straightener on our list. However, if you want something that delivers durability and professional performance (for use at a spa/salon as well as at home), it's well worth the cost!

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