The greatest secrets to explaining any complex idea lie in your presentation of the idea. You must:

  • start with an overview to put things in a more easily to understand the context, and
  • expect that others will understand, which ignites the Law of Expectation.

That's the psychological need that people have to attempt to do what is expected of them to feel best about themselves.


Explaining even the most complex idea or concept is made easier when you approach it the right way. First, start with an overview of what you are about to present. Doing so sets the context, which makes your ideas more easily understable and relatable. Next, raise your expectations. Instead of expecting the idea to be difficult to relay and explain, expect others to understand. Using the law of expectation, which dictates that others like to do what they think is expected of them, will greatly increase the odds that your idea are properly understood with little hassle. 

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