Persuade anyone to take your advice when you follow a three-step plan:

  • Take your logical two cents and turn it into a statement that appeals to the other's emotions,
  • Provide a clear cut game plan that is hard to argue with, and
  • Follow up with statements about the consequences of taking your advice.

Be even more convincing by making the person believe they came up with the idea on their own. Show enthusiasm and remind him or her that your advice or the way of thinking is consistent with who that person views themselves to be (called appealing to the rule of consistency).


Getting others to take your advice isn't always easy to do. You don't want to come off as a know-it-all, but you want to convince them to get on the same page as you. Three psychological factors come into play: emotions, strategy, and consequences. Numerous studies confirm that persuasion relies on an appeal to someone's emotions. In fact, 90% of decisions we make are based on emotions. To persuade people, translate your facts and logic into an emotion-based statement that gives clear and specific benefits that will appeal to an individual's emotions. Make sure to backup your advice with a specific game plan. Doing so makes it more difficult for another to come up with hypothetical rebuttals. Finally, finish off your piece of advice with clear, positive consequences, stating how your advice will most certainly benefit the listener.  

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