There are dozens of tips and tricks to be more attractive, but only a few have psychological proof. To pull it off the right way, approach women when they are less confident or self-conscious; this will make you seem more attractive.  Then, engage in high-emotionally intense activities, look into her eyes when speaking and listening, and finally, once she shows interest in you, deepen that interest by letting her know you like her back. 


Attraction is something unique to each individual, but there's also a science behind it. To get anyone to find you more attractive apply a few simple tricks. First, engage in an activity that is highly emotionally-arousing - anything from a traumatic event to a roller coaster works wonders. Also, increase how youthful you appear by monitoring your posture and walking style - both which can be a major turn off if performed poorly. Next look into her eyes as much as possible without being creepy - mostly when speaking or listening. This simple act is scientifically proven to aid in the development of feelings. Other tricks include approaching her when she's less confident to make yourself appear more attractive (we feel more attracted to others when we feel self-conscious) and once you know she's into you, deepen the attraction by letting her know you feel the same.  

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