GermGuardian GG1000

Best Compact Air Purifier

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Why people love it
  • Removes odors within hours
  • Perfect for small spaces (bathroom, pet area, etc.)
  • Affordable compared to other air purifiers

Makes a slight noise when on, not as effective as larger or pricier air purifiers, and can't handle large rooms.


Performance: The truth is, this is NOT an air purifier designed to keep your whole home clean. It's meant to be used in extra small spaces such as a bathroom, pet area, laundry room or nursery, purifying the air only in that small space. It can handle up to 70 square feet. 

The Germ Guardian uses UV-C light technology. It's proven to kill 99.9% of germs as they pass through. While it's not ideal for those with severe allergies to dust or pollen, it is good for those who want to eliminate most of the germs and odor in their homes.

Operation: This little air purifier comes with no filter which means you never have to clean or replace it. The little 8.2 inch tall device can be placed vertically into any wall socket, making it easy to fit the space you have.

It has one power setting, and there will only be a gentle hum on this speed. 

Price: At $35, this is the cheapest air purifier on the list. It's designed to do just one job: remove ordors and reduce germs from your air. There are no frills, and it's not as efficient as the higher-priced devices on this list. But for those who want something compact and simple, you'll find no better air purifier around.

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