Gerbing T5 Heated Hybrid Gloves

Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Why people love it
  • Always stay warm during a long day on your motorcycle
  • Comfortable, durable, and reliable
  • Excellent design, insulation, and heating elements

Designed specifically for bikers, easy to plug into 12V power supply, reliable, durable, comfortable, all-day heating, premium leather and fleece, can be used with optional battery, full-hand heating, and even heat distribution.

No built-in battery.


Design: For bikers, these gloves are your best choice. Their extra-long cuffs will easily fit over the cuffs of your biker jacket, and the drawstring will pull tight to keep out any wind and water.

The gloves are made with a durable premium leather exterior that will make them resistant to wear and damage, but the inner lining of fleece and Thinsulate will keep your hands very warm in all but the coldest weather. The waterproof membrane is beautifully breathable and will wick sweat away from your palms, keeping your hands nice and dry.

Heating: Rather than relying on battery power, these gloves are designed to plug directly into your bike's 12V power supply. This means you can use them all day long without running out of battery life. If you want to use them away from your bike, you can purchase a battery to use separately, though it won't deliver the best performance—no more than 1 hour of run time on the high settings, or 4 hours on the lowest setting.

Unlike other gloves on our list, this pair has heating throughout the entire glove, so your whole hand will be warm. In fact, some people have insisted the gloves are TOO warm in milder winters—a great problem to have when the weather really turns chilly.

Price: At $120, these are a fairly well-priced pair, one you'd do well to consider if you're planning to ride your motorbike around town this winter. Your hands will thank you!

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