Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

Best Christmas Gift for Practical Men

Why people love it
  • A beautiful, incredibly versatile tool
  • Durable yet surprisingly lightweight
  • Excellent spring-loaded plier design

Knife blades are too short; tool is too large for users with small hands.


Details: If your guy needs a multi-tool to use around the house and garage, this is the Christmas gift he'll love. It's cheaper than a Leatherman, but it's built with the same high quality and durability. The stainless steel handles fit nicely into a man's hand, and it has the comfortable grip that will allow him to work with his tool of choice easily.

The 12 tools are locked securely in place to reduce injuries, but they're easy to pull out for quick access. The pliers, in particular, are well-designed and spring-loaded to be instantly useable when you flip the knife open. All in all, a multi-tool that gets the job done!

Price: At $35, this is a very well-priced tool. It's cheaper than your average Leatherman, but with a durability and design to match. Definitely a good Christmas gift.

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