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Gerber Organic Yogurt Melts Baby Food
  • Perfect mess-free snack
  • Melt in your child's mouth so no worries about choking
  • Taste delicious even for adults

These freeze-dried snacks are made with USDA-certified organic yogurt, and no preservatives. The melt-in-your-mouth texture allows for easy chewing and swallowing.

High cane sugar content: 4g per 25 pieces


The Gerber Organic Yogurt Melts are a freeze dried treat made with organic yogurt and fruit puree. These little yogurt treats will help your child develop their feeding motor skills while putting on a smile on their face. As one reviewer put it, "this stuff is like baby crack".

Ingredients: All of the ingredients in these snacks are USDA certified organic and gluten-free. This includes the cultured reduced fat milk, can sugar, fruit puree, nonfat dry milk, and tapioca starch. However, we do wish Gerber would have left out the cane sugar and instead used fruit juice concentrate to sweeten up these melts. 

Taste: These light, airy, bites of yum taste exactly like "astronaut" ice cream, or freeze dried ice cream. If you have never tried freeze dried food, it tastes similar to what the food normally tastes like, but the texture is a little different. These yogurt melts are crunchy to an extent. Then they become soggy and melt once you put them in your mouth. Be sure to not leave them out of the bag for too long as the moisture in the air will make them soggy too.

Packaging: We love that the bag that these little melts come in is resealable. This makes it perfect for throwing in your purse or diaper bag when errands overlap snack time.

Price: For an organic product made with quality ingredients, $2.75 is a great price. You can find an even better deal on Amazon with the subscribe and save option.


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