Gerber 22-41545 Black Diesel Multi-Plier

Most User-Friendly Multi-Tool

Why people love it
  • Great for work, travel, home, and outdoor use
  • Feels good in your hand; comfortable grip design
  • Cutters and knives are VERY sharp

Incredibly versatile, can be used anywhere, solidly built, black carbon steel looks bad-ass, razor sharp blade, and very durable pliers.

Heavier than most multi-tools, and the smaller tools are tough to get at.


Features: The Gerber Black Diesel multitool comes in black with an overall length of 6.61" and weighs 8.6 oz. Gerber also offers a lifetime warranty on this tool.

If you're looking for a multi-tool that makes your life easier, this is the one for you. First off, it comes with 12 different tools, including: durable, razor sharp knife blade, needlenose pliers, wire cutters, cross point screwdriver, file, scissors, saw, can opener, bottle opener, and multiple screwdrivers. It's ideal for use at home, on the job site, or even while camping.

The Gerber Diesel feels solid and is well-designed to handle regular use. The knives hold their edge well and the pliers are durable (though some users have complained of wiggle after regular use). The pliers pop out with the flick of your wrist, and you'll love the one-handed operation of the blade. All in all, it doesn't get more user-friendly than this.  

Price: $70 is a pretty high price to pay for 12 tools. However, it's a durable knife that makes your life easier, so it's worth considering if you can't bring yourself to buy a Leatherman.

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