Geo F Trumper Sandalwood Skin Food

Best Aftershave for Sensitive Skins

Why people love it
  • The fragrance wows most men (and women) instantly
  • Doesn't irritate sensitive skin
  • Smooth application 

A little goes a long way, but this is an expensive product no matter how you dice it. And, it does contain alcohol. 


This product ranks among the very best when it comes to aftershave treatments. That's because it's hardly just an aftershave lotion - it offers a whole lot more.

For a start, this can be used before shaving to protect your skin. Or, it can be used as an aftershave treatment to hydrate irritated skin. Not only that, but this skin product is slightly thicker than a lotion, more like a balm. And that can make a big difference for those with dry skin. If you're not sold on the product yet, consider that it's also available in a variety of fragrances (created from moisturizing essential oils) - so you can choose which aftershave lotion works best for you.

What Type of Aftershave Is This? Lotion

What’s Inside? There are some pluses and some minuses when you consider the ingredient list of this aftershave lotion. It does have alcohol and added fragrances, but it doesn't have any parabens. And you'll find glycerine and flower oil on the list. The consistency of the formula is somewhat perfect, though; it's neither too thin or thick, too watery or too oily. Guys love it. 

What’s It Smell Like? There's a sandalwood scent to this (as the bottle will tell you). 

Will It Break the Bank? It's over $5 per fluid ounce. That's on the higher side for an aftershave, but it is paraben-free and you can expect to pay a bit more for that privilege until the FDA establishes a concrete link between parabens and cancer (or any other serious condition). 

What’s the Bottom Line? Guys love this for the incredible scent and because it does exactly what it promises to do. It's supremely moisturizing despite the presence of alcohol, and it is paraben free. If it were cheaper, we would probably love it more. 

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