Genius Pack G3 22"

Best Carry On Luggage Packing Capacity

Why people love it
  • Push out the air for added storage space
  • Fit more clothes into your suitcase than ever
  • Great for organizing everything you take

Thanks to the built-in air valve, you can compress the contents of your suitcase to increase storage space. Durable, well-engineered, great for organization, and rolls like a dream!

Not the most durable exterior fabric and a bit pricier than you might like.


Details: Fodor’s  and Travel + Leisure have both chosen this as a Top Pick, which is saying a lot! Thanks to its built-in air valve, you’ll be able to push all the air from within your suitcase, compressing all the clothes and items within. You’ll never know how much extra space air takes up until you’ve tried this suitcase—there are few that can match its carrying capacity.

The suitcase comes with interior compartments that enable quick and easy organization. Not only are there various compartments, but they’re each labeled to help you know exactly what goes where. With the added exterior zippered pockets, you’ll find this offers way more packing space than any carry-on you’ve owned.

The bag can even have a portable USB bank installed or a top-mounted umbrella integrated into its design, making this your all-in-one carry bag that can handle any trip!

Durability and construction: Made with ballistic nylon, the outer fabric looks good but isn’t the most durable. Some users complained that it begins to fray or wear out after just a few uses. However, the lightweight fiberglass frame is solid enough to last and offers 360-degree protection for your items.

Design: Soft-case spinner

Dimensions: This measures 22” x 14” x 9”, the airline maximum for carry-ons. The top and side handles may make it a bit harder to stuff it into the overhead storage bins, but you’ll love the expandable design—you get two more inches of storage space if you need it.

Weight: At 8.6 pounds, it’s not as heavy as a hard-shell, and is a great choice for international travelers.

Pockets and storage: There are 2 zippered exterior pockets, perfect for carrying documents, papers, and other items you need close at hand. The interior compartments are neatly laid out and labeled so you know exactly what clothing and other items goes where. For Type A packers that want everything “just so”, this is a dream suitcase!

The bag is Laundry Compression Technology ® Enabled, and you can easily compress the clothing contents of the bag thanks to the integrated air-valve. Talk about extra space!

Handles and wheels: The handle is durable and comfortable to grip, and it will help you push, pull, and carry the suitcase around with ease. The spinner wheels glide like a dream, and you’ll never struggle to move this through the airport again.

Security: There aren’t any built-in locks, but the YKK zippers are designed for adding your own lock.

Colors available: Available in black, navy, red, and titanium.

Price and warranty: At $240, this is definitely a pricier suitcase than you might expect, but it’s a great option if you want to take A LOT of clothing in one small bag. That air valve is so much more useful for getting more packing space than you realize!

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