GEAR ONE SOURCE Men's Wave Water Shoes

Best Cheap Water Shoes for Men

Why people love it
  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Fit perfectly
  • Slip on style allows for easy removal

Quality isn't the best. After a few uses the shoes start to fall apart. 


GEAR ONE SOURCE Men's Wave Water Shoes can be used at the pool or the beach. These could also be used for yoga and exercise.

Quality: To be honest, the quality of these shoes isn't the greatest. In fact, they will probably only last you a couple uses. Now before you totally stop reading, just think about how perfect they are for float trips, camping trips, or while at the waterpark. For less than $10, you can use and abuse them for a couple of days and throw them away when you're done! 

Fit: We heard over and over again how these babies, "fit perfectly". It must be because of the drawstring loop on the heel that allows you to adjust them just right. As a bonus, these shoes are extremely comfortable and lightweight. They feel as if you're not wearing any shoes at all. 

Features: We love that the Wave Water Shoe has a convenient slip-on style. And, they come in over 20 colors including an American flag design. 4th of July beach shoes, anyone? 

Price: Our favorite part about these is the price. They're basically the cheapest water shoes we could find. Comfort, functionality, and 20 great colors for less than the price of lunch? Now that's a steal. 

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