This GE RightHeight front-loading washer features a 4.8 cubic feet tub, 13 cycles and works with high efficiency steam.  It's shown here in a metaalic carbon shade.  


This highly rated washing machine from GE measures 47" high, 28" wide and just over 34" deep.  The front load feeding happens at a higher height than most machines thanks to the built in riser and the overall height of this machine.

It features a variety of cycles, including: Whites, normals/mixed loads, NSF Sanitize, delicates/hand-wash, speed-wash, rinse-and-spin, NSF allergen, active wear, power clean, towels and sheets, bulky/bedding, single-item and basket-clean.

On average, you can expect to spend $17 to run this machine annually if you have an electric water heater.  You'll spend about $13 if you heat your water with natural gas.  It's not ENERGY STAR rated, but it does have noise reduction features.

One of the coolest features about this machine is that it has an overnight cycle which will wash and dry a small load in an 8 hour period.  Now that's a pretty swanky feature that you won't find on a lot of washing machines... yet.

The biggest drawback to this machine is that it only comes with a 1 year warranty, but this is one brand that is built to last, so you mught be able to overlook this unless you're running your washing machines on heavy duty cycles every day.

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