GE Link Wireless A19 Smart LED

Best Energy-Efficient Smart Light

Why people love it
  • Connects in seconds
  • Works perfectly with the Wink app
  • Great price and quality

This isn’t just a light bulb; it’s the cheapest investment you could possibly put into your home. Really, just wait until you find out how long a light bulb can really last.

You can’t set colors or change moods, sorry.


With this light bulb, you can easily control your in-home illumination using an app installed on your Smartphone. You can program operation times and control a combination of individual and grouped bulbs, as you please. You'll need a WiFi network and a smartphone (no PC or tablet), but you'll be able to sync the LED bulb with all of your other wirelessly-controlled appliances. Best of all, it's WONDERFULLY cheap!

What systems does it connect to? We’re big fans of the fact that these lights connect to a lot of popular options. Those include the Wink App, Amazon Echo, SmartThings, and any other Zigbee-rated device. You gotta love the flexibility!

How does it connect? However, it’s not exactly as user-friendly as one would hope. To begin with, you’ll need the starter kit with the Link Hub. And then, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got the Wink Hub. You’ll also need a Smartphone because you can’t operate the app from a computer or tablet. So, they say “operate from anywhere,” but they mean only when your phone is connected to the internet.

What colors are available? Your choices here are soft white or soft white. Not that we don’t like that, but it would be nice to have a few other options that allow for life in color.

Lumens? You’re going to see 800 lumens blazing from these bulbs.

Watts or watts equivalent? This 12-watt bulb is equivalent to the 60-watt bulbs from days of yore. And, that’s a solid, minimum 60 (not something edging close to it).

How long should a light bulb last? Get ready to smile. This bulb should last for over 20 years. Actually, it should shine for 22.8 years, provided you work on a strict three-hour usage every day during that time. It’s about 100,000 hours. We’re certain this is the bulb they would have installed in nuclear bunkers in the 1960s…if they’d had that sort of technology.

Cost for starter set? The starter set with the Link hub costs $55, which includes a pair of bulbs. (But don’t forget to factor in your other Smart home necessities, such as Wink).

Cost for individual bulb/fitting? Anytime you want to add a new bulb to the mix, you’ll pay somewhere between $12 and $15 - which really isn't bad at all. That said, you’re not getting much more than soft white light, albeit for a very long time and the ability to program it…somewhat.

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