This GE Compact Front Loader isn't big on features, but the 2.2 cubic foot tub offers energy efficiency like you wouldn't believe - and with a budget price.


This is truly a compact washing machine from the GE brand.  It measures under 34" high, less than 24" wide and has a depth of just over 26".  And, it is worth noting that this machine can be stacked, although the Best Buy specs don't mention this.

The wash cycles are more or less what you would expect with speed wash, drain and spin, second rinse, active wear, rinse and spin, BasketClean, heavy-duty whites, normal colors, hand wash, cottons, delicates and easy care wrinkle-free washes.

But, where this machine truly stands out from the crowd is on it's energy efficiency.  It does carry an ENERGY STAR certification and you can expect to pay all of $13 annually to run this machine - if you have an electrical water heater.  If you use natural gas, then your annual operating cost will be around $8.  It's expected that you'll use about 122 kWh of electricty annnually.  This is also one of those appliances that will guage the size of your load and increase (or decrease) the water levels accordingly.

Another nice feature is the child lock.  And, if you opt for a riser with this machine, you should be abe to prevent small children from tampering with this appliance in any way.  Though, if you do have small children in the house, this may not be the right machine for you as its capacity is a little on the low side.  It also has a 1 year warranty; but, if this is your bachelor washing machine and you're just looking to save on energy and operating costs, this is a smashing buy.

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