Garmin Vivoactive

Best Running Watch Overall

Why people love it
  • Wide range of apps (available via Connect IQ) makes this a highly functional device
  • Accurate GPS function
  • Syncing, charging, and uploading made easy via the Garmin apps

Chest strap required to monitor heart rate.


Performance: This bad boy is designed like the Apple Watch, though with a much sportier design. The touchscreen is durable and easy to use, giving you total control over the OS. If you like a smartwatch design, this is definitely the running watch for you!

The battery life lasts up to 7 days of normal use, or 13 hours with the GPS on. It has one of the most accurate GPS functions of any running watch on the market.

Never worry that the band of the watch is about to break--all the bands are swappable, so you can switch it for a new one. Whether you're a heavy sweater or (like me) are rough with watches, the changeable band drastically enhances durability.

Features: Despite the 1.13-by-0.80-inch reflective LCD display, the watch is beautifully lightweight--clocking in at just 1.34 ounces. It's highly accurate, with GPS monitoring that activates immediately. Syncing and charging is a breeze, making this one of the best, most user-friendly wellness watches around.

One of the things that makes this model unique is the Connect IQ app store offered by Garmin. All of the apps are unique to Garmin products, giving you a wide range of activity tracking and entertainment options on your smartwatch. This makes it easy to track your run time, distance, speed, route, and laps!

If you want to add functionality to your device, simply download an app. You can find apps for weather, calendar alerts, music playlists, cycling, or running workouts, and so much more. Definitely one of the best, most feature-rich devices around!

Price: Considering what it offers, the price tag of $115 is very reasonable! For those who want customizability and versatility, this is the best running watch you'll find.

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