Garmin Forerunner 235

Most User-Friendly Running Watch

Why people love it
  • An incredibly easy-to-use interface; control all the features easily
  • Monitor everything from heart rate to oxygen uptake to calories burned
  • Practical, simple, and built to be a runner's best friend

Provides insights into your performance, tracks all the important fitness metrics, lightweight, sleek, stylish, feature-rich, very user-friendly interface, smartwatch functionality, GPS tracking, customizable watch face, compact, and decent battery life.

Some users experience syncing issues, and this watch is not as durable as other running watches on our list.


Performance: Be warned: this isn't the most advanced running watch on our list (that honor goes the Vivoactive in our #1 spot). However, it's the easiest to use, thanks to its user-friendly interface, intuitive controls, and simple programs. You'll be able to scroll through the watch's various features, programs, and settings easily—you can even go so far as to customize it according to your desires.

The watch is compatible with Garmin's web-based app/software, and though syncing can be challenging, you'll find the software/app makes it easy to track, analyze, and share your performance data. With the built-in training programs, you'll always be able to step up your run and workout performance!

Features: The watch comes with a built-in GPS system, heart rate monitor, audio prompts for your smartphone (notifications/emails), lap/lap time tracking features, calendar reminders, VO2 monitoring, live tracking, and Garmin's in-depth analysis of your performance. Though it's not as feature-rich as some of the other running watches, the user interface makes it easy to access each feature without a steep learning curve.

One of the great features is the watch's ability to "learn" your running habits and fitness level. It will give you insights into your resting heart rate and oxygen uptake so you can push yourself on your runs without training too hard. Thanks to the GPS positioning of the watch, you'll never get lost!

Price: At $310, this is on the pricier side of things, but definitely worth it if you want a feature-rich watch that's not too complex and beautifully easy to use.

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