Why people love it
  • Intuitive functions, user-friendly interface
  • Highly functional and accurate; ideal for monitoring all fitness/performance metrics
  • Easy to learn to use by reading manual

The Garmin Connect app can be glitchy, particularly the GPS tracking.


Performance: This is first and foremost a watch, with workout and wellness features integrated. It is built with all the durability of a classic sports watch--with a slightly larger design--but comes with everything you need in a tracker. Definitely one of the best devices of its kind!

Features: The features included in this bad boy are very extensive: pedometer, calorie counter, GPS tracking, activity time, run/cycle pace, distance monitor, highly-functional timer, heart rate monitor, and more. The watch will track your overall exercise progress and alert you if you've reached personal records (for time, distance, pace, etc.).

Garmin Connect makes it easy to upload your data to your computer or smartphone, allowing you to plan your training and track your routes. The watch comes with "real-time coaching" that keeps you running at the right pace to reach your goals. It's designed to auto-sync with your smartphone as soon as it's in range. With vibrating and audible alerts, it's the perfect activity watch for every workout.

Price: At just under $210, this is one of the pricier models around. However, considering everything it has to offer, it's worth the cost. You will spend a pretty penny, but the versatility, accuracy, and durability of this watch is a solid investment.

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