GarageMate GM2540-W

Best Budget Smart Bluetooth Garage Door Opener

Why people love it
  • Ridiculously simple installation
  • Five minutes to full operation
  • Inexpensive option for replacing clickers

It’s easy to install, provides access for up to 8 users, and it’s way cheaper than replacement or additional clickers.

It doesn’t tell you whether your door is open or not, and you can only access your garage door when on site.


At first glance, it may not seem like this garage door opener deserves its place on this list; it’s as basic as it gets. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not right for some people.

This no-frills Smart opener works via Bluetooth and a proprietary app to provide 8 users with limited range access to opening and closing the garage door. You’ll get a log of activity, but there’s no way to check whether your garage is open or closed once you’ve driven off. But – that doesn’t matter anyhow since you need to be within 50-some odd feet to control this opener.

That rules out a whole group of users. But, not only is this the most inexpensive Smart garage door opener, it’s remarkably quick and simple to set up. That’s likely to attract a new group of converts. Plus, because it works over Bluetooth – and pairing must happen in the garage with a special pin code, it’s perhaps a little safer than WiFi options.

The biggest reason to choose this Smart opener is that it’s significantly cheaper than buying a new set of remotes – and you get the bonus of providing access to additional users – whether they need frequent or occasional access.

Max doors: 1 per receiver.

Integrates with: Nothing really.

Garage door compatibility: GarageMate works will ALL models made prior to 2011. After this time, some makes don’t work as they’ve been designed to operate only with their own Smart openers. You can check the compatible list here.

Connects via: Bluetooth 4.0

Home automation hub required: No

Compatible apps: The GarageMate app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store for those with Android devices.

Compatible devices: iPhones and iPads and Android phones and tablets.

Geofencing: No. The app will only connect with your opener within a radius of roughly 50 feet.

Number of users: 8 users, you can change who has access as you like, but users (or, at least, their phones) need to be in the garage to pair with your door.

Video capability: No

Additional features: Bluetooth pairing means you can worry a little less about security. And, you do have access to an activity log.

Alerts: None

Installation: This is about as easy as it gets. You basically need to loosen a few screws, wrap some wire around them and retighten them. You’ll probably spend more time getting the ladder out.

What’s included in starter pack: A single unit and the wires needed to install it.

What else will you need: Besides Bluetooth on your phone, there’s nothing else you need.

Costs and warranties: It costs $50 whether you get it from Amazon or from the manufacturer and comes with a 1-year parts warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you get it from Amazon, there are 3 and 4-year protection plan options – and you’ll pay for shipping either way.

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