Garageio Smart Wifi Garage Door Opener

Best User-Friendly Smart Wifi Garage Door Opener

Why people love it
  • Incredibly simple to install
  • In-app features and control are excellent
  • Easy to integrate with existing systems

Limited compatibility.



If you're looking for a user-friendly unit, this is the one for you. It's designed for an easy set-up--like the review above says, "A screwdriver and ladder". Though it isn't compatible with as many systems as some of the others on this list, it will drastically improve the functionality of the systems with which it is compatible.

The app is one of the main selling points of the system. It's designed to open and close the garage with the press of a button, and it's even compatible with Amazon Echo. You can add multiple users to the app, and you have a log of all the times the door opens and closes. It can work with IFTTT, meaning you can add extra functions to the app.

Despite the occasional glitch, overall it's a solid product that makes it easy for you to operate from your smartphone.


At $200, Garageio is a bit pricey for the quality. Still, it IS beautifully user-friendly and customizable, so it's a good option to consider if you want to upgrade your existing unit.

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