Easiest to Install Smart Garage Door Opener

Why people love it
  • Allows you to open your garage door with your phone
  • App is easy to install and use
  • Remote access/control from anywhere in the world

User-friendly operation, easy installation, no tech skills required, access your garage door from anywhere, will soon be compatible with most home automation systems, and even provides reminders for when the door is left open for too long.

Customer support is mostly crowdsourced, which can be a letdown when you need a dedicated person to answer questions quickly. And, there are still a few quality control issues being worked out, though the company seems committed to doing just that. 


This is a gadget designed to turn your smartphone into a garage door opener. It’s compatible with iOS and Android phones, as well as a web app to use via your PC. It can be integrated into a few home automation systems, though updates in the near future will make it compatible with more systems. It features third-party open source software developed by the Garadget community to make the device more versatile and functional.

The built-in laser sensor makes it as reliable as a hard-wired sensor, but with the convenience of a battery-powered wireless sensor. The Cortex M3 processor built into the device will update the software, learn new protocols, and integrate with existing home automation systems.

Users will love the convenience of the device installation (20 minutes, max) and use of the app. The app sends notifications and reminders, alerts you if the garage door is opened, and keeps you informed of all traffic in and out of your house. For those who like to stay on top of what's happening at home, it's a great device!

Some users have issues with the "crowdsourced" customer support (and a few took offense to the founder's response to a nasty review), but all in, this is reasonably-priced and works fairly seamlessly across home systems. You gotta love that. 

Max doors: Just 1; if you have more doors, you’ll need more units.

Integrates with: Alexa Echo, Apple Home, Home Assistant, Home Seer, IFTTT, OpenHab, Pebble, SmartThings, Vera

Garage door compatibility: It works with any garage door that comes with a simple push wall button. You can adapt it to connect to a few with yellow learn buttons (Security+ 2.0), but you’ll need to do a bit more to get everything installed properly.

Connects via: 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi

Home automation hub required: Nope. None at all.

Compatible apps: You can get the app for Apple or Android at the respective app stores.  

Compatible devices: Smartphones, tablets, computers, and wearables. Wow.

Geofencing: Again, if you set the recipe for it in IFTTT, then you have geofencing.

Number of users: You can set up the app on multiple phones, but each user connected to the unit will have the same settings. That’s great if you trust everyone that needs access. Otherwise, you may want to just open and close the garage remotely when someone arrives with a package.

Video capability: None, but you can link this up with a number of compatible systems. You’ll need to do the tech stuff to make it work though.

Additional features: In principle, the open source code enables you to make any tweaks you can manage; you just need the skills to make that happen.

Alerts: You can set up the alerts you want. For example, when you’re driving away after forgetting to close the garage door, when it’s open in the middle of the night, or for every time it's opened and closed if you like. But, keep in mind, the alerts will go to everyone linked in on the app.

Installation: Most users have found this to be a ridiculously simple Smart garage door opener to install. You can get Amazon’s expert installation if you want, but it costs a pretty penny.

What’s included in starter pack: Controller, power adapter, power cord, control wire, 2 x reflective tags, 2 x adhesive tags, and a screwdriver.

What else will you need: Nothing if you use the standard wall button installation. That said, you may need to grab another unit for your second door.

Costs and warranties: It’s $90 with free shipping, no matter where you order it and whether or not you have Prime or not. That’s always a plus. But, you can also add on a 3 or 4-year protection plan if you desire.

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