Gap Breathe High-Waist Bikini

Most Breatheable Women's Underwear

Why people love it
  • No panty lines
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Great fit

Gap is a really well-known clothing brand, but did you know they’ve ventured out into workout attire as well? Our pick for best women’s underwear overall happens to be from GapFit Breathe—a line of clothing focused on comfort, softness, breathability, and functionality.

Aside from the high cost (which we’ll cover shortly), the only real issue we’ve seen with these is that some pairs have a tendency to ride up.


Fabric: Gap is all about delivering high quality clothing at an affordable price, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get with this underwear (so long as you follow their wash instructions).

Comfort: This underwear is beyond comfortable. Made from a super thin polyester-Lyocell-spanex blend, this high-waisted underwear is thin, soft, and fits really well. Gap certainly named this line of clothing “Breathe” for a reason.

While this underwear is high-waisted, the fabric is super thin and meant more to help with comfort, breathability, and style than support.

Price: This underwear is definitely expensive, but Gap has sales online and in store regularly, so it shouldn’t be difficult to get these at a cheaper price.

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