Got coffee grounds? Got hot water? In need of an emergency cup of good coffee? This is the gadget you need. 

  • Reverse flow filter is pressed down after desired brewing time, nesting in the outer cup
  • Brewing stops once inner cup is fully nested
  • Can use any sized coffee grounds

Think of it as traveling coffee-lover’s best friend. All you need is the water and the coffee, and you’ll still get a cup that beats any gas station’s blend. And, the design of this cup means you can keep your coffee warm for hours too. That’s handy when you’ve got a drive ahead of you.

Add the water and the coffee to this cup and give it a few minutes to brew. Once you press the reverse flow filter, the grounds are deposited in the double walls of the cup. They can stay there until you’re ready to clean your Impress coffee brewer. Want an extra treat? How about the fact that this baby is dishwasher safe. Now that’s about as handy as it gets.

What Reviewers Say:

  • The 3 best inexpensive single serve brewing devices are the Impress, the Clever Coffee Dripper, and the Aeropress. I think the Impress is my favorite.
  • As a coffee snob, I've tried a lot of different press type brewers (my favorite method of brewing) and they don't measure up to this one for many reasons. It's easy to use without getting grounds in your cup (if you choose to decant) or in your mouth as all other travel brewers do. The coffee stays hot and I've not had it over-brew. To top it all off, it looks great too.
  • I'm trying to think of negatives about this brewer, and cannot. The fact that it handles almost any grind of any roast is a huge plus. (I wouldn't try to use a Turkish grind just because it would be more difficult to press than would be warranted.) Wait. Here's a negative. The external diameter is greater than that of the cup holder in my 2014 Prius V's console, so I have to use the slide-out cup-holder that requires a slightly longer reach. If your car has only one cup-holder, and you expect to use this device on your commute, I'd measure it. The exterior diameter is right at 3 3/16 inches and it is perfectly cylindrical. No taper. I'm pretty sure I've seen adapters for cup holders that let them hold narrower cups. Maybe there are adapters that do the opposite..

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