Game of Phones

Best Gift for the Teenage Girl that Spends All Her Time on the Phone

Why people love it
  • So much fun
  • Great game
  • Fantastic concept

Use your phone as a partner in this game that’s great for any size group.

It’s amusing for awhile, but needs to be played with different people to keep it fresh.


The cards in this deck encourage people to share photos and funny messages as the info stored on their phone becomes the game. It’s a super fun game for teenage girls that collect a lot of images, memes, and are always texting each other.

While it’s one of the most fun games out there for teen girls at the moment, it’s not the only one. This selfie-centered game is a riveting good time for girls that have perfected their poses. And, don’t’ forget about Just Dance. It’s a good time no matter who she plays with.

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