Why people love it
  • Bright bulbs
  • Makes plants grow quickly
  • 3 fans help keep the unit cool

A handful of users complain that they have to exit the room when this indoor grow light is plugged in because it hurts their eyes, but most folks praise its brightness.


Color: Plants need blue lights when they’re seedlings and red lights when they flower; the Galaxyhydro 300-watt indoor grow light uses a combination of the two colors. This makes it ideal for multiple stages of plant development because you don’t have to switch to a different light as plants evolve.

Brightness: 56 LED bulbs illuminate your indoor garden without being blindingly bright. A small number of users say the LED bulbs are too strong, but most of them rave about their brightness. Like many indoor gardeners, we at Faveable prefer LED bulbs over incandescent or fluorescent bulbs because they use less energy and emit less heat. 

Features: Our favorite feature is definitely the 3 fans that keep this unit from becoming too hot - and other reviewers agree. We also love the on-off switch (many other brands just use plugs) and the daisy chain function.

Price: The Galaxyhydro 300-watt LED indoor grow light’s price falls in the middle when compared to other grow lights on our list. A handful of sellers offer this indoor grow light for around $260, but you can generally find them as low as $99.99.

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