Fugoo Style

Best for Battery Life

Why people love it
  • Longest battery life on the market
  • Carry it in one hand, take it with you wherever you go!
  • Durable, high quality sound, and affordable

No visual cues for battery life or volume.


Performance: If you want a speaker with superior battery life, this is our top pick! You get 40 hours of run time from this bad boy—far more than any other Bluetooth speaker on the market. While there is no screen telling you how much battery life is left, there will be a voice prompt when it's time to charge the speaker.

The speaker offers awesome durability as well, with interchangeable exteriors/dust jackets, rugged plastic and rubber interiors, and full waterproofing. The speaker is shockproof and built to withstand a lot of daily use. Thanks to its design, you can carry it comfortably in one hand all day long.

You don't get top-of-the-market sound quality, but only true audiophiles will notice. The versatile range, good balance, and clear sound from this speaker are as good as any average user could ask for.

Features: The speaker is fairly low on features: it simply has a button to connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices, volume control, power button, and interchangeable exteriors. The various dust jackets (Sport, Style, and Tough) are little more than a stylish gimmick, but they allow you to change the look of the speaker. Changing them is beautifully easy. Plus, the Sport jacket allows you to use a few add-ons, including a strap mount.

Price: At $90, this is a well-priced speaker given its superior battery life, good quality sound, and rugged design. Definitely one of the top-rated products on our list.

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