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Fruit of the Loom Men's 6-Pack

• Cheap and practical undershirts you can find at any department store

• A shirt for every day of the week

• Comfortable, simple, and versatile


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Lowest price around, available everywhere, practical, adaptable, stays tucked in all day long, good length, soft fabric, flat collar, no-bulge sleeves, and VERY comfortable.

Tends to sag or stretch with use.


Comfort: If you want an inexpensive set of undershirts, you won't find anything cheaper than Fruit of the Loom. The brand is available at just about every Walmart, Target, and department store in the country, so you'll never have to look hard to find a replacement when your undershirts stretch or sag (which they inevitably will after a few months). They're comfortable and easy-wearing, with a lightweight cotton blend that feels great on your skin.

Fit: The cut is pretty generic, and it's not the most stylish shirt. However, with the no-bulge sleeves and flat collar, it's a good shirt to wear under your business clothing. Best of all, it stays tucked in all day long, no matter how much you move around.

Price: At $14 for a pack of six, this is the best-priced undershirt on the market. The fabric does lack durability, though, so you'll need to replace them on a semi-regular basis.



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