Why people love it
  • Allows you to monitor the water level to know when the tank is full
  • Easy to use, surprisingly quiet, well-built
  • The most reliable and efficient dehumidifier on the market


Large capacity, easy to control, broad selection options, lightweight enough to be portable, durable, reliable, low power consumption, easy to empty/drain, quick moisture/humidity elimination, reduced energy consumption, quiet operation, quality materials used, and visible water level.

Some models are prone to breakage before warranty expires.


Performance: If you're looking for a high performance dehumidifier, you won't be disappointed by this bad boy. Not only is it well-built using durable materials, but it's large enough to deal with large spaces without strain. It's highly effective at reducing moisture in the air, it can decrease humidity from 80-90% to 40-50% in far less time than its competitors (sadly, it won't get much lower than 40%).

One of the great things about this machine is that it's very quiet. The only noise generated is from the fan built into its side—all you have to do is turn the fan toward the wall to reduce noise output. Its Energy Star rating means it will consume far less energy, no matter how long you run it. Compared to other models on the market, it's definitely the best of the best.

Features: The machine comes with a broad range of control options, which makes it easy for you to adjust the humidity settings on the dehumidifier. You'll find that it's one of the most versatile appliances of its kind, as well as one of the easiest to use.

An LED light will turn on when the dehumidifier needs to be emptied, and you'll love how the water level is visible—making it easy to know when to pour out/drain the water. The controls are highly user-friendly, making this a machine that even the most tech-challenged will have no problem operating.

Price: At close to $240, this is slightly on the higher side of the average price range. However, once you test the machine and see how it runs for yourself, you'll realize that it's absolutely worth every penny.

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