Frigidaire FAD704DWD

Best Air Cleaning Dehumidifier

Why people love it
  • Highly rated appliance, recommended by Consumer Reports
  • Reliable, energy-efficient, and built to last for years
  • Highest-rated water/moisture removal performance; good humidistat accuracy

Built-in air filter, easy humidity control, full tank alert system, auto shut-off when full, built for continuous operation, Energy Star-certified, 15.3 pint tank, automatic restart after power outage, built-in drain port, durable, portable, and includes a frost control feature.

Lacking some useful features, like 24-hour timer or auto defrost.


Performance: Not only is this a highly-rated product on Amazon, but Consumer Reports gave it the highest rating of any dehumidifier—for its humidistat accuracy, water removal ability, and energy efficiency. It's definitely a high-performing machine, and its large tank (15.3 pints) and 70 pint-per-day dehumidifying capacity makes it an excellent "set it and forget it" machine.

Though it's not as feature-rich as some of the other models on our list, it's definitely one of the most durable and reliable. It's energy efficient and a solid machine, though the extra-large tank can be a bit difficult/heavy to empty. All in all, a dehumidifier worth considering if you want clean air.

Features: The dehumidifier's best feature is the built-in air feature, which is effective at reducing bacteria, odor, mold, and mildew (along with humidity, of course) from the air. For those sensitive to airborne allergens, this is a highly important feature. There's even a built-in alert to let you know when the filter needs cleaning.

The appliance doesn't have an auto defrost setting or a 24-hour timer, but it does have an auto shut-off for when the water tank is full. Thanks to the built-in continuous drain hose port, you can connect it to your home plumbing system so you never have to empty it by hand again.

Price: At a little over $220, this is a slightly pricey machine, but with a large enough capacity to make it worth the cost. Plus, Frigidaire offers a 5-year warranty, one you're very unlikely to use thanks to its reliable operation.

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